Chilli Knitting

We planted six chilli plants earlier this year – we didn’t expect them all to survive – we’ve never had much luck growing chillies. They have survived and thrived!


We didn’t expect more than a few chillies – but so far we have picked more than 2 kilograms of chillies and there are still more to be picked.




Ken has always wanted a chilli ristra to hang in the kitchen so he decided to make his own. I found this site with instructions and this morning he set about making the ristra.



Tying up the chillies.



A chilli strand in progress.


One strand of chillies completed.


Three strands of chillies waiting to be braided.


Our first chilli ristra.



9 thoughts on “Chilli Knitting

  1. wow! i can just imagine a whole bunch of dishes you could have for the next few weeks with all those chilis. 🙂

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