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GPP Crusade #28 – Portion Control


Michelle Ward’s latest GPP Street Team Crusade is Portion Control – What does she mean by Portion Control?

“What do I mean by Portion Control?  I believe that part of something is more interesting than the whole.  It creates a sense of mystery, an engagement of the viewer to try to figure out what they are looking at.”

 I was a few days behind on my a prompt a day art journal pages that I am doing with Kelly Kilmer. So this evening, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone.


After preping the page with acrylic paints – I used my large alphabet stencil to stencil some letters onto the page. Some are complete, some are light and some are dark.


With collage elements added.


Complete with journaling.

Check ou the GPP Street Team Blog to find out more about Portion Control.

A Prompt a Day.

A prompt a day progress

I didn’t post all of my pages from the online classes that I did in January with Kelly Kilmer. But I did do a page a day in the journal that I made, not to mention my soul journal.

The good news is that the classes are continuing. I’ve signed up for February and so far I have completed a page a day. I am loving it. If you want more information you can find it here.

A Prompt a Day.

Day 1.

I started my artist journal and did my first page, following Kelly Kilmer’s prompts from her Online Class. I love it. I’m trying something new that I have always wanted to try, but really just didn’t know how.

Misty Mawn is encouraging people to join her on her quest to art journal everyday in January, she’s compiling a list of participants blogs – go check it out and join in the fun of art journaling every day in January.