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A Journaling Gift

A while ago my cousin asked me if I would make her a journal – she has never kept a journal before – but inspired by my posts she asked me to make her a journal. What better way to share the gift of journaling.

What sort of journal do you create for a first time journaler? I have used a lot of journals – lined and unlined, sketchbooks, writing journals. For this journal I decided to go with her favourite colours.

For this journal I have used plain book board for the covers and Creative Memories photo mats for the pages and bound it together with spiral binding. It has 24 leaves, totalling 48 pages back and front a library card pocket and quotes on vellum  – just right for a beginning journaler. Hope she like it!

I have about a dozen of these in this colour scheme as well as blue and pink – I’m thinking about setting up a Etsy store and turning my surplus scrapbooking supplies into journals – what do you think?


What happened to those tomatoes?

A few people asked what we were going to do with all the tomatoes that we have been picking from our tomato plants. On Saturday, Ken and I peeled a couple of kilograms of tomatoes.


For me who can’t stand raw tomatoes it was huge. I had to wear gloves to peel them. After we peeled them, Ken blitzed them in the food processor and then it was into the stock pot to reduce them down.


While they were cooking – I couldn’t even stay in the same room. The smell of tomatoes was so strong. They have now been reduced and are in the fridge waiting to be bottled for use as tomato sauce for pasta sauces.


New Years Eve 2008

The band that Ken is in – The Mary Janes – played at the Pier Hotel for New Years Eve. It was a great night – the pub was packed and there was no trouble – a good time was had by all. I have uploaded some pics here but the rest are at my flickr account you can see them here.