Is it Morbid?

Last weekend a friend asked me if I wanted to join her for a trip to the local cemetery to take photographs. Any excuse to take photos, I packed up my camera gear and was waiting for her to arrive. I have lived in Esperance for over 3 years and this was the first time I had visited the cemetery. It was an opportunity to take photos in black and white.

The sun set very quickly and it got very cool, my friend’s camera battery went flat and all too soon it was time to go. When she rang me the next afternoon to see if I wanted to go to the cemetery again I jumped at the opportunity, this time I took my tripod to get some better pictures.

As we were leaving the cemetary I happend on a grave that had an angel on its headstone – Millie’s Angel – and my latest project was born. I have always had a fascination with angels, where better to find them than a cemetery.

It was soon after this photo was taken it became too dark to take photos. So this weekend I went back to take more photos – but I went with a purpose – in search of Angels! In particular I wanted to take more photos of Millie’s Angel.

I have had some strange responses to this project and taking photos at the cemetery. I’ve been told that its ‘weird’ and I’ve received strange looks. Maybe its me – I have had so much exposure to death in my life, I don’t find cemeteries morbid. To me they celebrate life – the lives of those no longer with us.

So tell me what do you think – is there anything morbid about taking photos at cemeteries?

If you have taken photos of angels or cemeteries leave me a link so I can take a look!