Oracle Journaling Project

During January 2014 I participated in Lisa Sonora Beam’s Root: 30 day Journal Project as a result I began a daily journaling practice using Lisa’s prompts as a spring board. As I neared the end of the month and the project I wondered what next. I brainstormed in my journal and with Angie from The Moon & Stone Healing; and the oracle journal project was born.

Each day during the month of February I’ll post a photograph of an oracle, angel, goddess or affirmation card, with some keywords as a prompt for journaling. This will be the basis of my journaling for the day. I’ll also share my journal page here and on instagram (I’m @4ravens).

If you want to join me for this journaling project you can share your journal pages on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #oraclejournalingproject.


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