Art Journal Pages

My new journal and a journal page.

I was inspired by Lynn Fisher’s Ginormous All-purpose Journal instructions hers is 10″x10″ I thought that that might be just a bit big for me so I started a little smaller. Mine is 7″x7″. Usually I work in a journal that measures 8.5″x5″. So working in a square format is a new experience for me. When I have filled this journal I might just have to make one that is 10″x10″. I found it so easy to fill the space today.

I used some of Lynn’s instructions for the journal and used binding instructions from the online classes that I have been doing with  Kelly Kilmer.


The spine is covered in fabric and the covers have a Jack Daniels advertising poster adhered to them. I knew they would be useful when I asked the bar manager for them. I think they look cool!


I couldn’t wait to try out my new journal, and in my blog surfing today I found that Julie Prichard from The Land of Lost Luggage had uploaded a video to her blog of how she starts a journal page. I was really interested and inspired because Julie’s technique is quite different to what I do. I’m still learning about Art journaling so I like experimenting.

The following pages are the result of that experiementation.

before journaling

with journaling


12 thoughts on “My new journal and a journal page.

  1. Thanks, Megan! You made a great looking journal and I am happy to see that you are filling it up with paint! I love the tones of pink you have! They are really alive!!

  2. Wow Megan…I never would have thought of going to a bar for ephemera…but next journal that’s exactly what I’m doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s beautiful BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The JD ad looks totally rockin as a cover, and I love your pages! Cool idea to paste in text in blocks. You’ve got really interesting color variations and layers.

  4. Megan, thanks for your comment on my blog. Looks like you are getting a great start with journalling. Are you starting with a color wash? Your photographs are very interesting. I especially like the frog one (I’m 4 frogs, lol) and the pod/leaf with shadow one.

  5. What a great idea for a sketchbook cover! Very cool. I’m curious about your Baghdad Barbie…can you please write a post about those pages?

  6. I love, love your new journal. I’m very much interested in making my own journal but haven’t gotten up the nerve to try it yet. I’ll check out Lynn’s instructions. I have been thinking of signing up for Kelly’s online classes. Do you find them really helpful??

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