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Mandala month – a mandala a day.

In January last year when I started the 101 things in 1001 days – Number 76  was to keep a Mandala Journal and create a mandala a day for a month. Last year I created a mandala a day for the month, I thought it was about time to revisit that project, and decided that June would be Mandala month. Little did I realise at the time that it was June last year that I created the mandalas for a month.I will post the mandalas once a week during the month – so here are this weeks mandalas.
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101 in 1001

101 things in 1001 Days

Kathryn (Collage Diva) posted her list of 101 things to do in 1001 days on her blog. It was interesting to read – it gives you a different insight into people and their lives. I was inspired to create my own list. It has taken me two days to complete my list – it’s not as easy as you may think! – it was very thought provoking. I’m interested to see if I can stick to this and what I will achieve in 1001 days.

1.      Journal everyday.

2.      Be creative everyday.

3.      Participate in swaps with other artists.

4.      Get a tattoo.

5.      Go away for the weekend with my husband – just the two of us – at least once.

6.      Finish sorting out my boxes of craft stuff in the shed.

7.      Sort out my art stuff in the studio.

8.      Catch up on Soul Journal prompts.

9.      Participate each week on Soul Journal.

10.  Take a photography class.

11.  Take a photoshop class.

12.  Enter a piece of art or photograph in an exhibition.

13.  Visit local art galleries at least once a month.

14.  Join the writers group and attend meetings regularly.

15.  Make a journal to write about my experience of pregnancy and loss.

16.  Write my will.

17.  Get a new job.

18.  Take yoga classes.

19.  Work through Judith Cornell’s book Mandala – Luminous Symbols for Healing.

20.  Take myself on an artist date (Julia Cameron – the Artist’s Way) at least once a month.

21.  Complete The Artist’s Way.

22.  Attempt to reply to everyone who comments on my blog.

23.  Make time to relax and meditate each week.

24.  Build and furnish a dolls house.

25.  Take a photo everyday for a month.

26.  Sort out our bedroom so I can display the boys’ bears.

27.  Create our new rose garden.

28.  Walk along the beach at least once a week.

29.  Visit the Japanese Tea House next time I go to Perth.

30.  Go to High Tea (now that I drink tea!)

31.  Have a tea party!

32.  Make a mask – like the Venetian masks.

33.  Listen to Caroline Myss’ audio book Sacred Contracts

34.  Complete my Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

35.  Exercise at least 3 times a week.

36.  Reduce the amount of lollies and chocolate I eat.

37.  Have a Moroccan dinner party.

38.  Start researching the story that is niggling at me.

39.  Start writing the story.

40.  Get published (I know this isn’t a first – but I love the feeling of seeing my name in print!)

41.  Learn about the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

42.  Visit Woody Island.

43.  Visit Monji once a month.

44.  Walk the maze at Monji.

45.  Sew a cloth monkey.

46.  Make a sock monkey.

47.  Light a candle each day (borrowed from Kathryn!)

48.  Hang my prayer flags.

49.  Trace my family tree.

50.  Visit my Mother’s grave.

51.  Buy a candle for each of the boys’ birthdays/anniversaries to light on that day.

52.  Write a letter, a poem or a journal entry to each of them on those days.

53.  Learn to play the Djembe.

54.  Teach a workshop (again not a first – but I want to share with others!)

55.  Go to a coffee shop, have tea and cake and write or journal.

56.  Try a new art medium – one which I haven’t tried. (I’m not sure which one yet)

57.  Go camping.

58.  Lie on the grass in the backyard and make cloud pictures.

59.  Buy a 4wd so that we can go to some of the less accessible beaches and camping spots.

60.  Participate in a photo project like that on iHanna’s blog.

61.  Work through my writing books (Writing down the Bones, Wild Mind)

62.  Have my own writing workshop (just for me) once a month.

63.  Volunteer for SIDS and Kids Red Nose Day.

64.  Get in contact with friends that I have lost contact with since moving.

65.  Spend quality time with my son at least once a week.

66.  Go on a date with my husband at least once a month.

67.  Learn about Soul Collage.

68.  Learn to play the Bodhran and practice.

69.  Create a soul collage or tarot collage deck.

70.  Finish colouring my tarot cards.

71.  Find some way of displaying the goddess deck that I participated in.

72.  Display more of my own art.

73.  Contact Susanna about her winged messengers – hopefully get one sent here to Esperance.

74.  Make a gratitude journal (another one borrowed from Kathryn)

75.  Participate in the GPP Street Team Crusades each month for a year.

76.  Keep a mandala journal – draw a mandala each day for a month (I did this last year and really want to do it again.)

77.  Make my own cold pressed soap.

78.  Plant and grow asparagus.

79.  Create my own shrine/altar.

80.  Join an artist group.

81.  Practice random acts of kindness.

82.  Find a defining word for the year, at the beginning of each year.

83.  Join a book club.

84.  Make my own candles.

85.  Reassess my goals and my achievements every couple of months.

86.  Ask for help when I need it.

87.  Learn to say no! I can’t do everything.

88.  Write real letters to my friends.

89.  Put at least $10 a week into a savings account.

90.  Travel to Melbourne to visit Bron and David.

91.  Repack my art journal travel kit so that it can be used.

92.  Use my art journal travel kit.

93.  Find another artist/group of artists to work through the Artist’s Way together.

94.  Read 101 books.

95.  Write a letter to myself on Day 1 about what I hope to achieve in 1001 days – to be opened at the end. (Thanks Lisa!)

96.  Lose 20 kilograms

97.  Write to my Dad.

98.  Drink more water each day. At least a litre.

99.  Make a labyrinth/mandala with pebbles in the garden.

100. Walk a labyrinth – find out where they are!

101. Keep a journal documenting this project.



I am going to commence this exercise on Saturday the 31st of January 2009 – the 1001 days will conclude on Saturday the 29th of October 2011.


If you are interested in creating your own 101 in 1001 list check out Kathryn’s blog – Collage Diva and Day Zero – the Home of the 101 things to do in 1001 days project.