A Prompt a Day.

A prompt a day progress

I didn’t post all of my pages from the online classes that I did in January with Kelly Kilmer. But I did do a page a day in the journal that I made, not to mention my soul journal.

The good news is that the classes are continuing. I’ve signed up for February and so far I have completed a page a day. I am loving it. If you want more information you can find it here.


3 thoughts on “A prompt a day progress

  1. Megan, thanks for the nice comment on my blog…because otherwise I may not have gotten to see yours! What a lot to look at here! I’ll be stopping by again and again.
    Your pages are vibrant and expressive, I love them.
    It’s summer there isn’t it ?(sigh)

  2. hi Thank you for your generous and gracious heart in posting your beautiful journal work. it is very inspiring to me, and for that i thank you so much.
    Can you please tell me what you use to write in white? is it a type of wax crayon, or ink or paint or or or???
    Thank you
    Victoria, BC Canada

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