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Raven cover

raven cover

I was inspired by Roben-Marie’s stencilling and thought I would create a stencil to finish my blackbird painting. I found an image of a raven that I liked and thought I would try using it as a mask rather than a stencil. After trying it out on a sheet of paper I thought it would be a great addition to the cover of the journal.

Art Journal Pages

My new journal

Here are a few pics of my new art journal,  it is for a new project that I am working on (more on that later). cover

The cover is made from recycled card, the fabric was a gift in a swap parcel. There are 6 signatures of 4 sheets of paper, totalling 96 pages. binding guide


It is bound with embroidery thread – originally I was going to use tacket binding but it didn’t work out, so I devised my own binding through the holes that I had made for the tacket binding.


Now to fill the pages, with art and writing.

Art Journal Pages, GPP Street Team

GPP Street Team Crusade #29

#75 on 101 things in 1001 days was to Participate in the GPP Street Team Crusades each month for a year. This is the third month this year that I have participated in Michelle Ward’s Crusades.


So this month we are exploring different brush effects in our journals. In a recent post – I was inspired by a fellow crusader Julie Prichard to try painting with wet brushes and let the paint drip down my page. Usually I use a dry brush, so this was a great learning curve. I have used this type of painting when painting canvases, but not in my journal.

Today I tried applied a blob of paint directly to the page – I used a silicon tool to spread the paint around until I was happy with it and then I pressed another piece of paper to it. I was actually able to make two prints, so this is useful to make aditional journal pages. Each print looks different from the first.


The next step was to dry brush colours over it. paint-2I’m pleased with how it turned out – now I’m off to journaL it and I might do another page in my other journal – stay tuned. In the mean time go check out the Crusade blog and the other crusaders.