A Prompt a Day.

A prompt a day progress

I didn’t post all of my pages from the online classes that I did in January with Kelly Kilmer. But I did do a page a day in the journal that I made, not to mention my soul journal.

The good news is that the classes are continuing. I’ve signed up for February and so far I have completed a page a day. I am loving it. If you want more information you can find it here.

A Prompt a Day.

Day 1.

I started my artist journal and did my first page, following Kelly Kilmer’s prompts from her Online Class. I love it. I’m trying something new that I have always wanted to try, but really just didn’t know how.

Misty Mawn is encouraging people to join her on her quest to art journal everyday in January, she’s compiling a list of participants blogs – go check it out and join in the fun of art journaling every day in January.