Hellenic Republic

A highlight of our recent trip to Melbourne was our visit to George Calombaris’ Hellenic Republic for lunch on Father’s Day.

Not knowing much about Greek Cuisine we ordered Trapezi – a four course meal to be shared by the whole table.

Mezethakia – Small Tastes

Taramosalata, Pita, Olives & Domathakia

Tyri Saganaki – Greek cheese with peppered figs

Thalassina – Seafood

Fish from the grill, prawns, Cypriot salad of grains, pulses and nuts

Kreata – Meats


Meat of the day, patates, lahanosalata & tzatziki

Glyka – Sweets


 Loukoumathes – Hellenic donuts, local honey, walnuts & cinnamon.


We highly recommend a visit to Hellenic Republic. Great food, great atmosphere and excellent service.



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