Soap Making

I’ve wanted to try soap making for some time – I thought about buying a kit, but I wanted to make it now. So I did some research and went shopping for the supplies. I couldn’t find palm oil or coconut oil here in Esperance, so I’m going to have to order them online.

So I did a little more research and found this recipe for Castile Soap – made from purely olive oil.

26 bars of castile soap – now just have to wait for it to cure. Will let you know how it goes. In the mean time I’m going to order some palm oil, coconut oil and some other bits and pieces to make some cold pressed soap.


7 thoughts on “Soap Making

  1. Soap, my mother always told me, is the perfect present.
    Smells lovely
    is useful
    and does not last forever

    she was around in WW2 when soap was in very short supply.
    How clever you are to make it yourself!

  2. I recently stumbled on your blog. Its amazing to me to see the different processes and creativity each one of us use when making soap. I look forward to hearing about whats next.

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