Winged Messengers Queen for the Day




Back in January when I wrote my 101 things in 1001 days post number 73 on my list of things to do was to contact Susanna about her Winged Messengers. I contacted Susannah and I received two of her gorgeous Winged Messengers. You can see that post here. I am not the only one – Susanna has spread her Wings far and wide across the world.


Last month I was contacted to participate in a blog party to show our gratitude to Susanna who sends out these beautiful gifts.



Below is a list of people who have received Winged Messengers:

Bird Tweets  Robin
Ilka’s Attic   Susan
Kristin Rexter    Kristin
LiLi M   LiLi
Persisting Stars   Madelyn
Rochambeau    Constance
Rodrigvitz Style   Stephanie
somepinkflowers   Bonnie
Soul Aperture   Christina
Sweet Indigo Life   Gillian
That House    Olga
Thank you Susanna for sharing the gift of your Winged Messengers.

12 thoughts on “Winged Messengers Queen for the Day

  1. Awww, you rock! Yes, YOU DO! I was stunned this morning when I opened up my email and found Angie’s email about being Queen for the Day. I actually had to read that three times before I could believe what I was reading – hah! I am just blown away by your kindness. You have me smiling from ear-to-ear and blushing on my cheeks and thinking, Wow. For me??? Thank YOU for participating in my winged messenger project. Really, truly, it’s become better because of YOU.

  2. These are truly wings of Friendship, that’s what they are.
    We have Susanna to thank for it.
    I’m so glad we got to colaborate on this surprise for the darling girl 🙂



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