Art Every Day

With my new job that I started a few months back, I now have to make time to do art and other creative pursuits. My friend Kathryn – Collage Diva – is participating in Art Every Day Month over at Leah Piken Kolidas blog Creative Everyday – I thought I would join her and make the effort to schedule some creative time each day.

The past few days I have put the collaged book on hold (first I didn’t have enough ribbon and then I forgot to buy the clamps) and started work on another book that I have been working on in the Supernova class.

I created some painted papers using a technique that I learnt in LK Ludwig’s Point & Shoot Journaling  workshop. I then used those papers to cover the book covers. The text block is made and stitched together – now it all just needs to be put together.


9 thoughts on “Art Every Day

  1. Oh – the book covers you made are gorgeous. One of my hopes this month is to create at least one book… I am working on a poetry series about my daughter and thought it would make a fine gift, both for her and for my mother, too.

    Also – the link to the Point and Shoot Journaling course is so welcomed!

    I am glad to meet you and look forward to getting to know you through Art Every Day Month!

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for reminding me of LK Ludwig. I love her work too. It’s valuable to see your work in progress. I have books in progress sitting there and know I’ll get to them eventually. It’s a process for me to appreciate that stage, of work not yet being finished.

  3. thanks for your comment, loved it. just found you now and am crazy about your “pink” up there at the top. and looking inside your long tall skinny book is like looking inside of mine, quite quite similar, i thought….wait, how’d you get pics of MY book…funny huh. warmly, wanda

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