As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve been doing Julie Prichard’s Art Journaling Supernova workshop. Well I’ve been watching the videos but I haven’t really been participating. I have seen some of the books that people had made in the first part of the workshop (that I hadn’t signed up for) and I felt like I was missing out. So I signed up – Julie has videos for making three different books.

I thought I would start with the book called Long Tall Skinny.  I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut, so I thought this might just bring me out of it. A few weeks ago I got a great package of paper ephemera from my online friend Amy from An Li Na Designs – which I thought would be perfect for this project – thanks Amy!

cool mail

Once I’d sorted through the all the pieces of ephemera and added some of my own – I was ready to start collaging.


Here are a couple of the panels that I made.

page 1

page 2

Below are the completed pages – ready to be bound – If only I had bought enough ribbon!



Hopefully I’ll post the completed book early next week.


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