Learning something new…


Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing? You can reach out and connect with other like-minded souls. You can explore  and learn. Best of all you can  take workshops  and online classes!

This month’s crusade over at Michelle Ward’s GPP Street Team is Back to School – its all about learning something new. I don’t think we ever stop learning. I’ve recently started a new job so that has been full of learning curves! Not content with what is already on my plate I have set aside some time for myself and signed up for some online classes and workshops. The learning never stops!

So here’s what I’ve signed up for:

Julie Prichard’s Art Journaling Workshop – I admire Julie’s style and I’m always on the lookout for new techniques that I can tweak and make my own.

Kathryn Antyr’s True North Arts Personal Retreat Workshop I took Kathryn’s Vision Journaling Workshop earlier this year and it was fanatastic, I highly recommend you check out these workshops.

Last, but by no means least, I have signed up for LK Ludwig’s Point & Shoot Journaling – I have long been an admirer of LK’s work and I was so pleased that she was offering online classes, its not so easy to get to classes when you live in country Western Australia. I’m looking forward to using my own photos in my journaling.

So its going to be one busy month – so what are you going to learn?- be sure to check back as I blog about my progress.


8 thoughts on “Learning something new…

  1. Megan – thanks for sharing your busy schedule of online workshops. What a cool thing to get to do – at your own pace, from your own home. And as you said, connecting with creatives you might not otherwise meet or get to work with. Yay! Have fun and show us how you MIYO 😉 xo

  2. Megan, it’s so glad to see you back here on your blog. Your classes sound so interesting! I hope you will share what you are learning here on your blog. If you would like some paper, I have a few give aways going right now. I finally got back to clearing/cleaning out the studio and I put together some packs of paper and fabric to mail out on Monday. Have a good rest of your weekend!
    Amy in Austin

  3. It is fun to learn new things. I love how easy it is on the internet to make connections and to try out new things. Thanks for sharing links to my online workshop. I love having you as a participant – it is like having a friend over for tea.

    I look forward to seeing your photography after taking LK Ludwig’s workshop.

    Have fun!

  4. You have a very cool blog. I have been so interested in journaling and seem to quit almost as soon as I start! You have posted some great links that may help me get started and keep going!! Thank You!!

    As a side noet – I would appreciate it if you had a few moments to email me – I have a SURPRISE for someone you have taken photographs for. I will give you full details!

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