Writing Challenge & Journal keeping.

The 10 day writing challenge has ended – I completed it – I only missed one day, I am enjoying writing regularly and will try to keep doing it.

Recently my blog friend Kathryn – Collage Diva found a journal that she had written when she separated from her ex. In her blog post She said “As I read through the entries I was amazed at how I wasn’t affected by it. It was as if I was reading someone else’s story.” She didn’t want to keep it so she burnt it. Kathryn writes morning pages (The Artist’s Way) each day and has decided to burn them at each full moon.

some of my writing journals from the last 10 years
some of my writing journals from the last 10 years

That got me thinking – I don’t know that I could do that, my journals contain a lot of my creative writing and poetry and all my experiences of grieving and life after loss. But that begs the question – What happens to my journals if anything were to happen to me?

After giving this much thought, it is not something that I am able to answer at the moment.

I remember keeping a diary as a teenager and returning home to find that my mother had read my most private and inner most thoughts – it was devastating and I destroyed that diary the first opportunity that I got. I didn’t keep a diary again until I returned to University after Troy was born and I took writing units and workshops. I wish I could read that teenage diary and see what I might make of it.

So what would you do or what instructions would you leave for your journals after your death?


3 thoughts on “Writing Challenge & Journal keeping.

  1. Before I destroy the old journals I do plan on revisiting them and pulling out the good stuff. Just yesterday I was reviewing a journal from only a few months ago and I was reminded of some of my dreams that I really don’t want to lose site of. These dreams will be incorporated into my new vision cards and vision journal.

  2. Oh Megan…I’m so glad you finished! Good for you!
    Wow, you have certainly touched on some big journal issues, that I have fortunately already worked through to some degree.
    First, I stipulate at the front of ALL my journals…”If you read something in here and you are offended, that’s YOUR fault.”
    Second, I have left strict instructions to my four closest friends to come to my house and get by journals…and burn them…and I can change my mind at any time…and have told all my relatives about it.
    Third, forget about burning them…I’m dead for heavens sakes!
    Forth, I don’t hold back from saying what I want to say…live your life…write your life. When it’s over you won’t be around to care.

  3. I wish I had my childhood diaries too… I have a stack from my adult years and I suppose it is a bit disconcerting to imagine someone perusing them in my absence. Hmmm… Still, I don’t think I can burn them.

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