Do you display your own artwork?

Into the Sun, originally uploaded by Megan Warren.

Carol a fellow member of Soul Food Cafe  posed the question “Do you display your own artwork? If not, why not?” which was a journal prompt at another group that she is a member of.

I pondered the question and then went for a wander around the house to see how many pieces  of my own art I had displayed.

Here is my response to the question:

I do display my artwork – I have actually created artwork specifically for display for my own home and for family members. I finished a large canvas on the weekend and once it has been sealed it will take pride of place in our bedroom. You can see it here.

I sometimes make a piece of artwork for my husband or family members as a present for birthdays, christmas or anniversary’s. All of which are on display.  A quick glance around the house reveals the blackbird painting waiting to be hung, two pieces in the lounge room, a collage canvas in the kitchen, 5 different pieces of artwork in the dining room, 2 paintings in the hall, one in our bedroom, my son’s room and the study.

 I don’t really create art for anyone other than myself – unless of course if it is for a gift – so I don’t think about what anyone else thinks, whether they get it or not. My husband is very supportive of my art, as is my father-in-law who is an artist and displays much of his work in his home, we also have a number of his pieces in our home.


5 thoughts on “Do you display your own artwork?

  1. I display some of my artwork and that of my son’s. I also have mini easels for displaying my journal opened to a page. I even have a small easel that is perfect for my SoulCollage and ATC size cards. My favorite display item is the 7 Gypsie’s turn-style that I use for organizing and viewing my new vision cards. You can see these display options in this week’s post for the Vision Journaling online workshop.

  2. I do display some of my work. Mostly press work, collagraph, monotype, and photo transfers, also some bottle top art, & a painting….but yet to display my mixed media pieces.
    A great Idea from Kathryn to display her journal pages. At this point I don’t know if I have the confidence to put an entire book out there, but we’ll see. Something to work towards.

    What is 7 gypsies? and where do you find the vision journaling workshops?

  3. All my artwork kept in my creative corner which is now bit messy. Lately I came across about Zakka … i intend to make my small corner / room more comfort & cozy. Hopefully I have more time now…:)

  4. I do, yes, and I would display more if I had more room in my Manhattan apartment. I love to see my work around me – it’s like seeing my children around me – and I like that, too. Interestingly, I don’t like to keep my writing around. Once I’ve read, reread and edited it, it’s off the Universe it goes. I don’t know why.

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