Mandalas – Colour Added

Since so many people have asked if I was going to colour in my mandalas, I thought I would make some photocopies of my mandalas and see what they would look like coloured in.

These two mandalas are among my favourites so far for the month. colour

They were coloured with prismacolor pencils. They do look good – if I do say so myself.

While I was searching the web looking for mandala inspiration I came across Stephanie’s blog  – Spiritual Evolution of the Bean – she is an Artist, Writer, Musician and All round Creative. Check out her blog to see her mandalas.


3 thoughts on “Mandalas – Colour Added

  1. I loved them in B & W and they are also really impressive in color pencil. I was wondering if you’ve ever read the Madala book by Cornell (can’t remember her first name)

    1. Thanks Lynn – I really like them in B&W, I like that I can make copies and then colour them in different colours. I do have a book by Judith Cornell MANDALA: Luminous Symbols for Healing – I need to make time to do the exercises.

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