This weeks mandalas

I’m still trying to create a mandala a day – this week I only missed one night –  the band that Ken is in was playing on Friday night and it was after one in the morning when we got home, so I drew two on Saturday to make up for it.




This mandala was inspired by Kara – Mother Henna’s blog post for The Next Chapter book group – Wreck This Journal – I’ve started wrecking my journal – I have to take some photos – I’ll keep that for another post.




These two mandalas were inspired by henna designs from the book Rangoli that you can download from The Henna Page



9 thoughts on “This weeks mandalas

  1. I think your mandalas are beautiful. I never thought about how they would look in black and white. Very striking! I must admit, though, there is a part of me that would love to color!

  2. The B/W is so different, makes me pay more attention to the shapes. Lovely. Want to take some colored pencils to it though, LOL! I agress about the coloring book…

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