Last year I started a journal and created a mandala each day for about 6 weeks. I enjoyed the process so much that I thought I would  do it again. I misplaced my compass recently and I purchased a new one.


Starting on the 1st of June I created a new journal with my Zutter Bind it All and each night I have created a mandala, usually before bed. The journal measures 4″ square.





18 thoughts on “Mandala-A-Day

  1. thanks for the link to your blog… I’ll have to come back a browse around later.. good stuff here 🙂 and I’m new to wordpress and just so happen to have the same page..
    I’m rooted you on for your daily mandalas!! great idea.. I may just join you

  2. Your mandalas are very relaxing to look at. I like the idea of doing one each day before you go to bed. Your blog looks interesting. I’ll explore it more fully over the weekend.

  3. What an inspiring idea! ..and love the journal you made, hmm..I’ll have to check out the tool you used to make it. A 4 x 4 journal sounds perfect for
    a mandala-a-day. Interesting, I was looking at a tiny journal about that size today in the store. Your mandalas a gorgeous and full of life and mystery! Thanks for sharing the mandala inspiration with us at the Mandala Oasis Yahoo Group –

    looking forward to seeing more! 🙂 Cheryl

    1. I might do some in colour, at the moment I am enjoying them in black and white. I probably spend about 20-30 minutes on each one, sometimes more, sometimes less.

  4. love each of these…was just watching a national geographic show about 500 year old Incan mummies unearthened – on of them was wearing a ceremonial robe with a design like the 3rd mandala… (insert Twilight Zone music here)…

    1. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments. I have tried to reply to individual comments privately, but their seems to be a glitch the messages don’t seem to be getting through. So if I haven’t replied to you please know that I appreciate your coming to look at my work and leaving comments.

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