Taking inspiration & making it your own.

A couple of months ago, I was inspired by Kelly Rae’s post about her large collaborative painting. I haven’t done a painting recently, not since we moved. So back then I started a large canvas 40cm x 120cm to go above our bed in the bedroom. It has sat there for the past few months on the easel in the garage.


Then when I went on my trip to Melbourne – I picked up a copy of Kelly Rae’s book – Taking Flight. In the book she takes ideas from contributing artists and incorporates it into her own work. The project incorporating ideas of Judy Wise gave me an a-ha moment. My unfinished canvas was about to come into its own.

This afternoon, I painted it some more and then added some chalk to the areas that I had applied impasto gel medium.


I wanted to incorporate things that were significant to both Ken and I. Music is something that we share. So I traced the outline of one of Ken’s guitars with charcoal.



Then using a graphite pencil I wrote the words one of my favourite Lennon and McCartney song’s – Blackbird – on the canvas. This idea was taken from Kelly Rae’s book.


I haven’t finished it yet – I still need to put the black bird in there. I’ll be sure to post an update when I finish the canvas. I can’t wait to finish it and hang it above the bed.


12 thoughts on “Taking inspiration & making it your own.

  1. I love the concept you came up with! The handwriting is a cool element and the guitar outline–brilliant! I will be checking back to see the next step.


  2. I love your project and the novel way you are finishing it. It’s wonderful that you are picking it up again too. It is very brave – I have had that happen too, and it is difficult to finish something after it has been dormant for a while. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  3. megan – terrific undertaking. cool idea. thanks for sharing the project and offering the background about it. it gives us hope that some of our own unfinished canvases may find their own story *grin*

  4. Wow. I love this so much. This layer you have going is gorgeous but the idea about the guitar is fabulous. (great song, too!)

  5. This is an awesome beginning, Megan ! The guitar was a cool tool for sure ! I so love, love love Blackbird too – perfect lyrics to inspire ! I look forward to seeing the next steps you take.
    Cheers, Crusader !

  6. Megan this is a great canvas ~ made better by the background info you give and the fact that this crusade has you getting back to it. Love the guitar outline (brilliant) and the song lyric inclusion. Looking forward to the next steps!!

  7. Love where the painting is headed – I too am reading Taking Flight. This makes me want to go through my stash of unfinished paintings… Thanks for the inspiration!

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