Creative Kindling

I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut for a while. I’ve been writing and taking photographs, but I haven’t created an art journal page or any artwork in quite a while. The last art journal page I did was about a month ago before I went to Melbourne.

Kathryn – Collage Diva – posted her first prompt in the Creative Kindling Series on True North Arts. A prompt to get those creative fires burning. Well it worked! I’ve created my first journal page in a month.

creative kindling

Creative kindling 2

This month on Michelle Ward’s GPP Street Team Michelle is encouraging us to Make it Your Own. Taking products or ideas from other artists and putting your own creative spin on it. That’s what I’ve done here with Kathryn’s prompt. I took the prompt and used some of the ideas and then added my own.

I created my page using a brayer to apply yellow paint to the page and then I dry brushed the red paint – from Kathryn’s prompt. I omitted the tissue paper or painted papers that she suggested. Instead I used a stencil to create the dry-brushed flames. I then highlighted them with prismacolor pencils to give them more depth.

So if you’re in a creative rut – check out the GPP Street Team or True North Arts.


15 thoughts on “Creative Kindling

  1. Very cool! I’m so happy that I could help get those creative flames lit! I haven’t seen Michelle’s challenge for this month. I’ve been meaning to get over there. Thanks for the nudge!

    {soul hugs}

  2. Hi,
    I just saw your comment on Michelle’s Crusade #31 and I had to check out your work-I love the flames!! ooh I have just started to explore stenciling and these are great. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Megan – thanks for sharing your interpretation of the crusade and reminding us about fellow crusader Kathryn’s site. Cool that you tackled two prompts in one go and that you shook off the rut. Stoke those flames πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Megan! Love the pages. I just found out my SiL is in the UnRavelling class with you. She however hasn’t shared her blog with me. πŸ˜‰

    Amy in Austin

  5. Hey Megan! I talked to my SIL last night, Amy in Austin. She mentioned she knew someone else taking the unravelling course and here you are! small world!

  6. Really lovely work… these pages should be a lot of fun to journal on! Thank you for sharing them with us, all my best, Kathy

  7. I just started journaling, so thanks for the inspiration! It’s my first crusade & it fun to meet some new bloggers. Thanks for sharing your art & the links!

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