50 word story

I recently found writer Sarah Salway’s blog Sarah’s Writing Journal via an interview on Susannah Conway’s blog Ink on My Fingers. She puts up writing prompts for 50 word stories, which include a prompt word and a photo. People can play along by posting in the comments section of each post or posting to their blog.

Here are a couple that I have played along with – click on the word prompt to go to Sarah’s original post.

Heritage  Sophie was out shopping, the thought of it gave him palpitations. Her last expedition had led to remodelling the dining room to accommodate the three metre long antique sideboard that was ‘just perfect’. And when it was completed she remarked: ‘It doesn’t quite fit does it’.

Spoilt  He lavished her with gifts, chocolate and flowers, even jewellery and lingerie. She opened each gift with the excitement of a child at Christmas. ‘I am so spoilt’ she squealed with delight. He turned away, smiling, knowing that the end was near.


10 thoughts on “50 word story

  1. I, too, laughed at Heritage. Spoilt really has me going and I am wondering if I will ever know the ending or have to create me own?

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