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The Soul Food Tour of Melbourne

When I knew that I was travelling to Melbourne at Easter, I immediately contacted Heather Blakey from Soul Food Cafe – we have been in contact for some 8 or 9 years – so the opportunity to catch up was too good to be true. So here are some highlights of the Soul Food Tour of Melbourne.

Our first stop was Lilies on Brougham – Tearooms, nursery and gift shop – in Eltham.




plum frangipane tart

Next stop: Victorian Artists Suppliers – located in a Heritage listed mud brick building.


Next Stop: Heide – the Museum of Modern Art and the former home of John & Sunday Reed. (after whom Nicole Kidman’s daughter Sunday Rose is named)




Heather & ravens

Heide ravens

Next Stop: Lygon Street, Carlton – as a true crime and Underbelly fan – Lygon Street was a must see for me and Heather obliged.


Next Stop: Memorial Wall and Street Art

The Memorial Wall was a sight that had to be seen to be believed – it should have a post all of its own – a selection of quotes on life and death from various sources including musicians and poets. an affirmation of life!




And directly across the road – the walls were decorated with street art.




And what tour of Melbourne would be complete without a vist to Carnforth – the home of Soul Food Cafe



My thanks go to Heather for facilitating this wonderful glimpse of Melbourne – that I otherwise might have missed.


8 thoughts on “The Soul Food Tour of Melbourne

  1. Your photographs are just wonderful Megan. What a wonderful day we had together. We chocked in a lot and the climax came when I sold Carnforth that evening. I am sure this is what the murder of ravens we saw at Heide were all in a flutter about 🙂 Meeting you, after ‘knowing’ you for nine years was an experience in itself. So joyful!

  2. It’s so interesting to see what other places look like. Thank you for the tour. The Soul Food Cafe sounds divine! And that’s who Nicole’s daughter is named after…interesting!

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