What happened to those tomatoes?

A few people asked what we were going to do with all the tomatoes that we have been picking from our tomato plants. On Saturday, Ken and I peeled a couple of kilograms of tomatoes.


For me who can’t stand raw tomatoes it was huge. I had to wear gloves to peel them. After we peeled them, Ken blitzed them in the food processor and then it was into the stock pot to reduce them down.


While they were cooking – I couldn’t even stay in the same room. The smell of tomatoes was so strong. They have now been reduced and are in the fridge waiting to be bottled for use as tomato sauce for pasta sauces.


2 thoughts on “What happened to those tomatoes?

  1. I’ve not done it myslef but I’ve seen people do it – you pop your tomatoes into hot water or a pot of boiling water & as soon as they come back to the boil remove tom to cool slightly & while they are still warm the skin is supposed to come off really easypeasy – I’d say you only do a couple at a time.

  2. Hi Megan, I’m finally getting around to all the soul journalers who visited me for blog party. {blush} Sorry to be so slow. I clicked on your Soul Journal section and enjoyed looking at your pages. I am just now beginning, and I’m starting with Sarah’s original 22 prompts. So, don’t forget me, we can motivate each other. winkwink


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