Winged Messengers

Have you seen Susanna Gordon’s Winged Messengers? They were featured in Somerset Life Magazine and she has them on her blog. Aren’t they just wonderful? I contacted Susanna and asked if she wanted to send me one I would be happy to put it up here in Esperance.

Well, earlier this week this turned up in the post



I was so excited that this parcel arrived. Inside was a lovely letter from Susanna and two winged messengers for me to put up in town. I couldn’t resist putting them up in the family room so I could see what they looked like.


The first winged messenger with the message “You are Loved” I put at the steps of the war memorial in the middle of town.  After I had put it up I watched and waited for a little while, and saw some people stop and read the message. The wings are still there at the memorial, three days later. Interestingly yesterday was the 67th anniversary of the bombing of Darwin I wasn’t aware of this when I placed the wings there.


The other set of wings with the message “You will be okay” I placed on bench at the Pet Cemetary at Monjingup Reserve. It is an A class reserve located just out of town. My father in law set up the reserve to conserve the area. It is a beautiful place. There is a recreation area with a hedge maze, and giant chess set. A Memorial grove for returned servicemen, as well as beautiful walktrails.



I can’t wait to see where else Susanna’s winged messengers turn up!


14 thoughts on “Winged Messengers

  1. oh wow, which issue of somerset life was she in? my uncle got me the spring 09 issue but it wont arrive here until march.

  2. oh wow, which issue of somerset life was she in? my uncle got me the spring 09 issue but it wont arrive here until march.

    i love that magazine 🙂

  3. Ah this is special, i took a black hat for a walk recently and it found pools of light, and people spoke to me as they went walking with their children along the sunset beach.

  4. How beautiful! I love the concept. Speaking of which…My daughter and I are involved in “Love It Forward” which has just started our of Australia. We’ve made some hearts but have both had the flu so haven’t left them about yet. If you’d like more info let me know.

  5. Thank YOU, Megan! It’s so interesting to see where you put the winged messengers, places with special meaning. I’m going to check out Sally’s Love It Forward project, too.

  6. G’day Megan
    It was through Susanna’s blog that I found your blog last week – how exciting for you to finally receive not one but two sets of wings – I read where she was sending you wings … I’ll be back to hear if anything else happens to your wings …
    I think it is a fab idea & thought it would be great to do … I tried to look up the Hope Revolutation she had on her blog but they must of gone now as the name can be taken or whatever they do when it is closed down …
    I didn’t realise they were quiet that big … so cool … Ooroo … Bethel

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