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Found Poetry Prompt

It’s past 2am here on Saturday night – or should I say Sunday morning – and I couldn’t sleep so I thought I would get up and do something creative. So I sat down at the computer and surfed some blogs. Not creative you think – looking for inspiration – and I found it.

LK Ludwig has just started a Friday Journaling Prompt – Every Friday she is going to offer Journaling tips and prompts.

So here’s what she said to do:

  • choose three pages from an old discarded book. Photocopies are fine.  Put the book itself away to reduce temptation!  (you can tuck what you don’t use back inside the pages after, if you like.) 
  • Have scissors at the ready.
  • Scan the lines of text, not reading for comprehension but for the flavor of the phrases, for the way the words feel. Be like a reading divining rod, looking for a response from inside.  Don’t overthink. 
  • Snip those bits of phrase, those words, those reactions out from the paper right way.
  • Arrange, rearrange, respond.  Perhaps a second delving into your three pages is needed.
  • Adhere them to a journal page!
  • This process should be fairly quick- and simple.  React, respond, snip, arrange, glue. Then as my littlest says, “Ta- Daaaaa!”
  • You can then work the cut edges of paper into your page with a china marker, a stabilo marks all pencil (they blend with water) a watersoluble colored pencil or crayon, charcoal, even a bit of paint on your fingertip, or what-have-you!

             Give it a go! 

So I gave it a go – well what else is there to do after midnight when everyone else is asleep?


Leonardo da Vinci’s Great Bird

Leonardo visited the marketplace

buy caged birds

setting them free

“Against the wind shalt thou rise easily”

do not

do yourself any harm

“The great

bird will take its first flight

filling the whole world with amaze-


it will bring eternal glory to

the nest where it was born”


The words came from a book called The Shoulders of Giants – A History of Human Flight to 1919. The background is painted with  acrylic paints and the words, bird and twig were accented with charcoal.

So – what are you waiting for? – Give it a go!


2 thoughts on “Found Poetry Prompt

  1. All right I will give it a try!! I found your journal pages wonderful, especially the one with the flower stencil then the butterfly in the hands. back to looking around your blog.

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