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Shaping Up – Crusade #27

Contrary to popular belief – this is not about getting in shape for the new year. Although we could probably do some of that. This months crusade is about investigating shapes, positive and negative shapes. Michelle suggests that we create our own tools such as stamps and stencils as we investigate our shapes.

I made some square stencils using an old x-ray film and my paper punches. I also made a stamp using a champagne cork.

Have some fun and make your own shape tools. Check out the GPP Street Team Blog.


8 thoughts on “Shaping Up – Crusade #27

  1. Megan – love both of these photos – the page and the tools! Great use of the square, in many forms! And the colors! Love those too! Thanks for sharing with the team!!

  2. Great study of the square shape. Your page has so much to look at that I’m worried that I missed something. I love the idea of using a cork for a stamp and I can tell that I will be on the lookout for x-ray film…what a great idea.

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