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Boxing Day at Alexander Bay

Boxing Day (the day after Christmas Day) we went to Alexander Bay. An hour and a half from Esperance, where Deborah (Ken’s sister) and her family spent the Christmas camping. The weather was wonderful and the scenery just beautiful. Good food, good wine and good company!  We had fresh abalone, that Jack want diving for in the bay. I have never had abalone before – but it was beautiful!

We were graced with the company of a pair of seals that ventured onto the beach.  They came right up to the shore close to where people were set up. I got some great photos, but didn’t want to get too close – they are after all wild animals!

Click on the images to see a larger picture!


4 thoughts on “Boxing Day at Alexander Bay

  1. Wonderful pictures, Megan. Those seals are so big…at first I thought they were elephant seals, but upon enlarging the picture I could see they were not. I’m amazed you were able to get as close as you did.


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