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Zentangle Mandala or Zendala

Ken really liked the zentangle style mandalas, and suggested that I create a large one that we could frame and hang on the wall. Actually he suggested that I create a number of them – but I’ll just start with one!


This is a work in progress – I started it last night – and it is going to take sometime to finish. It is 9.5″ or 24 cm in diameter and drawn using micron pigma pen and sharpies. I do find it really relaxing and absorbing. I sat drawing this while everyone was watching tv.

If you are intrigued by the zentangles have a look at their website. Search zentangle on flickr or google images. There is also a great You tube video How to draw a zendala by Miliande. Don’t forget to call back here to see the progress on this mandala.


4 thoughts on “Zentangle Mandala or Zendala

  1. the Zentangles are wonderful–they remind me of the “pen and ink” paintings my father did years ago. Looking forward to seeing your completed pictures as well as the process towards completion.

  2. Beautiful already – I think I will have a go at this, I can see how this medium could translate into thread and fabric – lovely work Megan.
    Looking forward to watching the progress.

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