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Soul Journal – Prompt 5 – Personal Lexicon


Prompt 5 at Soul Journal is to think about and create your own personal lexicon. Things that we love and use repeatedly in our artwork. These are just some that I love. This one is a work in progress, I have to journal about them, but I also think that there may be another journal page spread.


2 thoughts on “Soul Journal – Prompt 5 – Personal Lexicon

  1. That is a great exercise to do in your journal.

    I just wanted to stop in here at your blog and say thank you for visiting my blog recently and participating in my giveaway and sharing your story. I cannot imagine what you’ve been through and what you go through, especially around christmas time as you mentioned. Thank goodness for your friend who cared very much for you. That kind of support is invaluable.

    take care and happy new year!

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