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GPP Street Team Crusade #26

gpp26For this crusade Michelle Ward has challenged us to journal about scents. Scented candles, fragrances, smells that we like, or maybe even dislike. I started my journal page as an homage to my love of roses, but as I wrote my thoughts turned to my mother and her favourite perfume – which I had got a sample of the other day.


So what are your favourite scents?

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12 thoughts on “GPP Street Team Crusade #26

  1. ooh megan, you know i love roses too. terrific pages – you’ve done it all! photos, thoughts, and a perfume sample to remember your mom. (treat yourself to a bottle!) thanks for sharing with the team!!

  2. You’ve done a beautiful layout. And I love the rose pics you’ve added. I can’t say I remember Mum wearing perfume, although she does have some old bottles in her dressing table drawers.

  3. I can almost smell the roses off of the page! I love how you painstakingly cut out those flowers. I am inspired to cut out some from my collection of magazines now. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Megan
    these pages turned out so nice. I specially like the little bit blurry look of it, somehow it connects me to scents and smelling… they can not be really seen either.

  5. The sample on your page is a great touch… Anais Anais- what a flashback! I think that was the first fancy perfume I bought when I was a kid..I remember beig mesmerized by the magazine ads. Thanks for the memories!

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